What to Look For When Choosing an Indoor Playground

What to Look For When Choosing an Indoor Playground

Keeping a child at any age entertained is no easy feat. They require an enormous amount of stimulation for their developing brains and growing bodies and finding activities that are safe, clean and interactive can seem far out of reach. An indoor playground may just be the answer you’re looking for, plus there’s no need to wait for the rain to stop or the sun to go down. Once you find a great one, you’ll see your child develop continually on repeated visits as they become more comfortable to explore new areas they may not have seen before.

When searching and selecting an indoor play centre here’s 6 things to consider when searching for a play centre


We’re serious about safety! So serious in fact, we’ve split our play areas into three age appropriate zones to minimise accidents. The under 2’s area – perfect for those little caterpillars still finding their feet, Under 5’s area – for the exuberant toddler and the Over 5’s area – suited to those who require a little more independence. All these zones have been planned, designed and certified to the highest international standards with structures wrapped in soft foam and mesh for safety and easy viewing for parental supervision. The play areas are kept free of hazards, important for those little ones going through the “I’ll put everything in my mouth stage” and frequent maintenance is undertaken to ensure safety of the highest standard and just incase, our staff are all trained up in emergency procedures should the need arise.


We all want to keep our kids free of those nasty bugs and an environment that is regularly cleaned is a key part in helping to avoid just that. At Chipmunks our staff are constantly wiping down surfaces and removing any hazardous objects which may have crept inside the play areas. We complete a deep clean of all areas on a regular basis and checklists are completed daily to ensure our high standards are met.


Indoor playgrounds provide a lot of physical and mental benefits to children and our areas are designed with that in mind. With the use of bright colours, obstacle course like structures, inflatables and soft objects kids can have some serious fun whilst developing motor skills. Open areas and ball pits are a great way for kids social interaction with others. Our age appropriate zones are designed for exploration where kids can challenge their physical and mental stamina, boost confidence and improve their ability for self expression and imagination. Each zone has specifically chosen toys and sensory equipment which is fitting to the child’s age.


Relax and enjoy a cuppa whilst watching your child have fun and burn energy. All Chipmunks stores have full service cafes so the kids can refuel without having to leave the building. The menu offers a wide variety of quality food with plenty of healthy options available.

Parents area

We want you to enjoy yourselves just as much as the kids so we’ve put great thought into our supervision area. Located in view of your child with the ability to stay connected with the outside world using our wi-fi. Plus, you’ll be close enough to the cafe that you can get another caffeine boost should the kids twist your arm to stay ‘just 5 more minutes’.


Kids aren’t cheap and as a parent it’s in our best interest to keep kids entertained and stimulated so we’ve offered prices which make it a great deal for an unlimited amount of play each day. Your kids can have hours of fun, learn skills and make new friends. All whilst you relax and recharge in the supervision area.

Find your nearest Chipmunks Playland & Cafe for the ultimate in kids entertainment, birthday parties and private venue hire.

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