Things Kids Don’t Like About School!

Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing about the good old days of being a kid in school, and wonder how times change so fast?

There were no responsibilities and worries. School may not have been perfect but there is no doubt that those days were simpler 🙂

With technology and schools moving towards a more paper-free approach and blackboards being a thing of the past, Schooling these days is not what we experienced!

We have put together a list of things that kids dislike about school 🙁  (Some kids might like things from our list 🙂 )

Homework! This is one of the side effects of going to school! Homework is inevitable no matter what school you go to! Homework can be stressful and can take up the entire evening, which leaves no time for kids to go out and play!

Getting homework the size of mount Everest has become an everyday thing. Kids need regular exercise for their proper growth and development.






Exams: The stress of doing well in an exam and not knowing if you have prepared enough for a test is so daunting. No one knows what the results would be after you finished exams and it’s so stressful! The worst bit is not the exam itself but the discussions after an exam! “Weren’t the questions on Page 2 really difficult?”, “THERE WAS A PAGE 2???”





Failing: What’s worse than studying, staying up late, trying your best at an exam and then being informed that you FAILED! It hurts! The worst bit is not accepting that you failed, BUT TELLING YOUR PARENTS!






Punishments: Being punished at school is like being ostracised from your kind! No one likes that feeling! It’s the worst feeling ever! For a child, it is hard to understand the meaning of being punished or why we discipline kids? or why is discipline even important.

Parent- teachers meeting: These meetings are essential for parents to understand what their kids are up to. The anxiety level of kids during these meetings can generally skyrocket to the height of the Empire State Building! They can’t wait for it to be done!





Brussel Sprouts! Kids don’t like bitter tasting food. It’s not their fault. It’s a survival instinct. It really is! Our ancestor’s associated awful tasting food to toxic plants found in nature. So it’s safe to say those instincts kick in at the sight or smell of food that is unpleasant. Most kids grow out of it as they get older but in the meantime “Brussel Sprouts? No thank you!

Being picked for a team last: This is No.1 on every kid’s list! The feeling of being rejected hurts! Being athletically incompetent is such a lonely feeling in the world of school. Being picked last for a team is a subtle way of a class expressing which classmates they like the most. It shatters your self-esteem. Kids (And Adults) absolutely hate this feeling!






We know school can be hard, but with regular exercise and proper nutritious food your child can feel better and work harder!

Get your kids to Chipmunks to unwind from school and get some exercise! Our play structures are designed for active play.







After all, Active Play = Active Mind!

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