The Pros of School Holidays (and the cons)

That time has come again and whether you love it or loathe it there are some pros to school holidays that may make you think about the term break a little differently – not only benefiting kids but you too. Yes, the mess that comes along with it is at a level you might refrain from sharing to your mum club but  as the hurricane of toys and crafts is created there are also extra hands on deck to help bring the house back to its presentable self again!

Down Time

During the term break it seems like a constant go, go, go with little time for kids to sit back and enjoy just being present. From the moment your little one rises there is a constant pressure to be somewhere or do something. Their morning routine can go one of two ways – start early with plenty of time to leisurely make their way to school or those days where time gets away and normal routine becomes a mad rush to fly through the classroom door before the bell rings.

Being a student no matter what age comes with its pressures and not only for children but the parents who are responsible for making sure everything is tended to before night falls; before school, during school, after school activities and homework by the end of the day everyone needs a little bit of time to chill, relax and have a breather and the school holidays are the perfect time to do so.

Family Time

Ever stopped and thought about a friend or family member and be surprised how much time has passed since you saw them last?  How much can change in such a little space of time? Life gets busy and time can easily slip away. The school holidays can be a great time to plan catch ups or family events where time is a little more plentiful, schedules are flexible and you can spend the day enjoying the company of others. Arranging meetups with friends who also have children mean the kids can play together and you can enjoy some adult chit chat at the same time. A win win for everyone and a great stress reliever too.

Try New Things

With more time up your sleeve the school holidays can be a great opportunity to enroll kids into new activities and test or learn new skills. Camps, classes or school holiday programs like the ones held at Chipmunks are great for all kids but can also lighten the load for working parents. Joining new activities during the school holidays mean kids are exposed to new environments and have the chance to meet other kids outside of their regular school or playgroups benefiting them socially and developmentally.


With extra time up your sleeve, the term break can be a good incentive to travel away for a few days whether overseas or even exploring your home country further. We often look to cross oceans when thinking of travelling away for the holidays but with a little research and talking amongst friends you can find many destinations offer new experiences which are not far too from your back door step. Not only does a new environment help to broaden your child’s mind and allow them to learn things they might not necessarily learn in the classroom but there’s a good chance they’ll meet new people from other walks of life too. Chipmunks Playland and Cafe has stores across Australia and each offers their own unique playing structures and activities to keep kids entertained for hours so no matter where you are in Australia your not far away for the ultimate indoor playground experience.

Relieve Stress

Just like us, the pressures and expectations of high achievements can cause unwanted levels of stress and anxiety on kids and the impact on kids over time can easily be forgotten. Many kids are their own worst critics, forever trying to better themselves and push for higher grades.

School holidays can be a welcome break for kids to relax, take things a little slower or do something out of the ordinary term routine that will do them a world of good and have them head back to school feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new term.

It’s not just the kids who benefit! Of course there’s the obvious of having more time to spend with your little cherubs but the school holidays can also bring some positives for parents. But, we must warn their could be some (slight) cons too! Nothing you can’t handle though…


You do the hard yards every day for weeks during term which means a little extra shut eye for you (and the kids) has definitely been earned. Even if your not one of the lucky ones whose kids sleep later during the holidays, a few extra moments to rise slowly rather than the routine rush should be part of your new holiday schedule. You deserve it. And for the children who seem to miss the “sleep in” memo – a quiet rule to stay in bed reading a book for an extra hour may give you those few extra moments before having to “parent” again.

Extra Hands On Deck

With extra time on your hands and kids around more to help out during the school holidays they are able to become more involved in family life and chores. Helping out with cooking, cleaning and food shopping means the load is shared and you’ll have a bit of time to put your feet up. It’s also a great way for kids to realise what goes on behind the scenes when school is back and they have their own agenda.

Less Routine

The alarms are not set, no lunchboxes to prep, breakfast becomes a leisure activity and you don’t mind a little extra screen time so you can enjoy a lie in. Most of us need to run a tight ship especially if there’s more than one child to organise so a little extra flexibility especially during mornings will be an unsung praise for the whole family. Bed times can be a bit later and without homework there’ll be more time to spend with family planning your holiday adventures.

The Cons

With the brilliant comes the not so. Some kids absolutely love school and find school holidays difficult, with the lack of routine, constant need for stimulation and social interaction with good friends. This can be hard on parents to try and find a good balance between relaxation time and entertaining kids so that holiday boredom doesn’t set in. With more activities taking place at home, playdates or sleepovers during the school break their can be an increase in mess and disorder which can be difficult to get your head around.

While sleep ins and lazy days in pyjamas may sound like a nice idea; for working parents it can be a difficult time to balance arranging extra care and trying to juggle work life from home while you’re being asked to make snacks for the upteen time – a test for any parents sanity.

The Solution

At Chipmunks Playland and Cafe we offer an indoor playground which has been designed to the highest safety standards for kids aged 0-11 years and with the unlimited play pass kids can enjoy the whole facility for as long as they like. Open 7 days a week and during the school holidays it’s a great place to bring the kids to burn off extra energy and keep them entertained for hours. While the kids play our onsite cafe is in view of the playground so you can grab something to eat and drink, while supervising and catching up on work or meeting friends. Our school holiday program is available in selected stores with a jam packed schedule of fun activities for kids such as cooking, field trips and learning activities all whilst being supervised by our expert staff. So whether you need a break or are still working the Chipmunks School Holiday program will keep the kids busy in a safe and active, play environment.

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