Meet Our Mascot Charlie Chipmunk

If you can wipe the smile from this Chipmunks face you deserve a medal or a free entry to Chipmunks indoor playground!

Charlie is the Chipmunks Playland & Cafe franchise main character and the most requested guest at kids birthday parties across Australia. It’s not hard to understand why.

Charlie is a magical Chipmunk. He comes from Hawaiki land and travelled the world to end up with us at the playground.

Charlie’s character is very similar to the children who visit our indoor playground. He’s an adventurous fellow who’s smart and funny. He’s brave and cheerful with many friends, and a regular guest to birthday parties at Chipmunks. He likes to dance and sometimes even join the children playing hide in seek in the playground.

Charlie’s been in the Chipmunks family for over 25 years and his giant smile, yellow hair and friendly face have been a recognisable figure for kids of all ages.

Charlie is the superstar in most of our chipmunks birthday party themes, including the superhero, jungle theme, outer space, pirate theme and he even has his own special Charlie theme!

When you next book your kids birthday party with us at Chipmunks kids play centre! Make sure you ask for our themed partyware and invite Charlie to join your group for the ultimate kid’s party experience.

Take a little bit of Charlie home with you! Have you seen our Chipmunks merchandise, available for purchase instore? We have a great range of lunchboxes, drink bottles, soft toys, kids earphones, activity packs, kids school backpacks and of course our famous brightly coloured Chipmunks playground socks! Because we all knowyou can never have too many pairs of socks.

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