Learning And Developing Through Play!

Safety is not a term we use lightly and fun is one we use loudly!

News flash! There’s no two little rugrats that are the same, yep that’s right. Your little miss or sir is nothing like the so and so she sits next to at mat time. Behaviourally, mentally, physically and obviously emotionally. What we’re trying to say is when your little “rabbit” is showing she’s KWEEN at math but not so much at writing. It’s all good!! Don’t stress yourself mama.

At Chipmunks we understand that kids grow and develop at completely different rates to their mates so there’s no point comparing. Where one child is running towards the mega slide on arrival like it will make their entire year to go on it, even just ONCE (which clearly is never going to happen) – and the other acts as though the pool of colourful balls is filled with hot lava and refuses to make an entrance without protesting and making a scene which makes you wish our cafe served wine but you slowly breath through words of encouragement because that’s our job, right!?

But hey, ho! Mama bear we understand all that, we get that all kids need to be nurtured at different speeds, in different ways.

Chipmunks indoor playground was built for kids from zero through eleven years old, from the ground up with fun for kids and active learning in mind. Did you know we’ve been in the biz for over 25 years? We’ve learnt a lot in that time – hence why we’ve built the playground with dedicated age zones for kids to have fun while building on “real life” skills. We’re talking about social skills, active play, decision making and sensory skills. And we think it’s just a matter of tapping into how to build on and develop these skills.

It’s a parents natural instinct to worry about little ones playing amongst the older more adventurous children. Obviously, you don’t want to spend the entire visit standing on the sideline telling your tween to “be careful of the baby”. You should be relaxing, with a coffee from our on site cafe and following us on Facebook. Just kidding. No but seriously, lucky you because all our play centres Australia and New Zealand wide have been separated into 3 age zones; Under 2’s area (baby zone), Under 5’s area (toddler zone), and over 5’s area (main zone). Our goal is to make sure all children feel safe, with just enough independence in age appropriate areas, with equipment and learning activities best suited to their education and physical skill level. This way of planning isn’t just for you though, it’s for the safety of each child that visits and plays in the playground at Chipmunks. Our hope is to avoid accidents. Clearly we can’t stop kids from being kids though as we know they love to push boundaries and are mini risk takers but in our best efforts we do our best to reduce accidents and injuries .

Soft, huggable just not quite edible -but a-re child-friendly!

Now, as much as we would love to offer a Willy Wonka-esque playground the lick-able walls and chocolate waterfall hasn’t yet had the all clear from safety certifiers. In the meantime though we’ve wrapped all our playground structures with colourful soft foam so not only do you feel like you’ve walked into a funky world of multi coloured (multi-storeyed) amazement but it’s super child-friendly and certifiers did give us the big tick for the highest international safety standards.

Now whether you’ve got a gummy gobbler or those pearly whites are popping through we get that it’s all part of a child’s development to grasp a habit of oral fixation – in non-technical terms sucking, biting, chewing and sometimes even swallow small objects. Don’t worry at Chipmunks, all the play zones are free of hazards and small objects that could cause suffocation to young kids and our play structures are very well maintained and thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis by our super friendly and well trained staff.

Supervise your kids play…but chill too, you deserve a break.

Keep one eye on your little munchkins while they play please. While you relax, yes that’s right we did say you can relax, you can watch your kids having a blast in the playground. Our structures are visually open so that while your surfing the web, catching up with girlfriends, coffee date with school mums or watching them play while listening to a great podcast – yes it’s come to that! You can make sure they’re safe, having fun, playing ‘nice’ with others and sneaking a little snack at the same time. We’re multi-taskers after all. Check the full cafe menu to see what’s on offer.

We don’t joke about safety!

We may order you relax in the cafe, but when it comes to playground safety relaxing is something we don’t ever do! Safety is our number one priority and each inch of the playground is thoroughly inspected once a month and cleaned regularly. We want to ensure that all kids have a safe play time at Chipmunks and it’s our top priority to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Age appropriate zones!

Now while we are all for the big kids teaching the little ones the ways of the world or encouraging them to climb the top of the inflatable slide. We have to remind you of the number one Chipmunks goal, to keep kids safe, free from harm and eliminate as much as possible any accidents occurring in the playground.  Don’t worry though, the younger ones can still be guided by their older counterparts to a delicious snack stop in the cafe or through the playground into one of our themed birthday party rooms to celebrate a kids party. When it comes to playing in the indoor play centre though we had to put safety first and have split the play ground into age-appropriate zones. We have an under 2 zone (baby zone), under 5 zone (toddler zone) and 5-11 (over 5’s) years zone.

The Baby Zone provides easy supervision for parents. It has soft mats and soft shapes and is away from the big children. Some stores even have interactive play panels to add a bit of learning to the fun.

Our under 5 zone is designed to enhance children’s cognitive development.  We have soft mats and shapes to avoid any injury. We also have a ball pit and climbing structures to enhance your child’s experience and stimulate their cognitive development.

The 5-11 zone. Kids in this age group require nurturing in a different way. We have obstacles, ball pits, ball blasters and other interactive and soft structures to stimulate their decision-making abilities and blow off some steam so that they can sleep well at night!

Our play structures are designed to enhance the development of kids the way they respond to best, by keeping them active and engaged for hours!

Now what else are you waiting for? If you’re looking for the ultimate kids entertainment activity, where you can relax while they play find out when we’re open and come in and play…ALL DAY!  

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