Kids Take Things Literally!

Kids are very curious by nature!

And as parents/guardians, it is important to guide them to help them learn what’s best for them. Giving instructions to kids is how they learn new chores and activities, But some kids take instructions to the next level!

Toddler was asked to feed the cat

Yep, he fed the cat alright!

Don’t eat all the strawberries!

Instructions received loud and clear!

Look up puppy training tips on youtube….Oh. Wait!

Keep an eye on the ball! AWWWW…Nooo

That’s exactly why safety is our number one priority! And we have rules for this exact reason.

Supervising your kids should be your priority too. Kids do not understand “danger”. They are (mostly. LOL) very innocent and their minds haven’t grasped how the world works yet. They are very curious by nature and want to explore the world the way we teach them how to. It’s our responsibility as guardians and parents to make sure our we make our child’s environment as safe as possible.

At Chipmunks we take safety very seriously. We recommend you read our rules here.

Our play structures are designed by keeping kids in mind. Our stores have to follow strict guidelines for keeping the play structure clean. All of our structures are sturdy and drilled into the ground so that during peak hours there is no way that any structure can move!

We have very strict rules about not having adults in the kid’s area. Unlike other places, we have proper netting and age-appropriate zones. Which makes our play centres the safest playcentre for kids! During peak hours we have staff that can moderate the slides, to avoid accidents. We have a very strict policy of not letting big kids in the small kid’s area to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

We have dedicated age-appropriate zones for kids and you can read a bit more about what play structure each area has here.

Your experience in our playcentres means a lot to us, and we want you to have a very safe fun experience 🙂

We hope to see you soon!

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