Kids Parties Planning Made Easy With Chipmunks!

Kids parties planning is a nightmare for working parents. Your child’s birthday should be a very special event, and yet you are too overwhelmed with preparations to even get to enjoy it a little? Not good.

Fortunately there is a stress-free, affordable option that may see to solving the issue. For a number of years now, children party venues have proven to be the optimum solution. Not only do they offer a range of party themes off the bat, but they also accommodate all kinds of customized requests.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

Stress-free party planning for kids’ birthdays

For one thing, party venues offer a stress-free party planning for kids’ birthdays. In this day and age, children’s birthdays are expected to be extravagant, expensive, glittering, and grand beyond recognition. Remember the times when you were a kid? Most likely, your birthdays revolved around balloons and a birthday cake, made by your parents as to resemble your favourite book character.

Gone are now the days of relaxed simplicity; the only thing that appears to not have changed is the importance of the birthday cake.

To be fair, organizing any party is a demanding job; even more so when children are involved. Merely the thought of the menu and decorations is sufficient to make the parents ill at ease, preventing them from enjoying what should be the very special day for their child.

Chipmunks has a solution to that. As a matter of fact, we have the right solution for every circumstance. Think not for a moment that all venue hires imply a pre-defined menu and party theme! Certainly, there is a number of pre-arranged party themes and dishes, but that isn’t to say that you cannot get creative. All customized events are welcome and indeed desirable. Every child has their own tastes and heroes; we want to throw only the birthday parties for children worth remembering.

Children birthday party planning made easy

Children birthday party planning can be arranged to the tiniest detail in line with all preferences. Chipmunks offers standard and on-demand menus as to meet all dietary needs. If you are among those parents who worry overmuch about the food, you can opt for self-catering over our catering service.

Contrary to common belief, most children eat only a little. What they are really focused on is the fun unfolding all around them. Kids parties planning is, first and foremost, about creating a unique atmosphere. A perfect party theme is the one that will make the birthday child happy, but all other guests should be also able to join in the fun.
That’s why we think up a palette of activities to accompany the theme. These are easily customizable and discussed with the parents.Birthday parties for children are joyous events, filled with laughter and general ruckus.

Adventuring is their integral part, but the term can be stretched to cover personalized desires.
E.g., at the Chipmunks indoor playground Australia, several themes are immediately available. These include the pirate-, princess, jungle, and Charlie Chipmunks theme. The partyware being included and all the props set up, the children can enjoy all the activities their hearts desire.

And while a party plan for kids is the axis around which all other activities revolve, we must not forget the parents. More often than not, they tend to stress over every detail. Understandably, they want their child and all the invitees to enjoy themselves, but they tend to forget that they also should be part of the fun.

Our on-site café is there to help them relax. The parents should have an outing of their own, enjoying a glass of their favourite drink and sweets. In fact, Chimpunks has a handy menu for parents, which includes various wraps, pizza, salads, desserts, and so on. Celebrate your child’s birthday your own way!

Her majesty the birthday cake

Planning kids birthday party doesn’t conclude with the menu and party theme. Even when the realization is left to professionals, the matter of the birthday cake is not to be taken lightly.

Children may not pay much attention to the rest of the menu, but the cake is a notable exception. Not only is it to be the most delicious part of the celebration, but it also must satisfy all other senses as well. Birthday cakes are awaited in anticipation; they make grand entrances, are admired by everyone, and are served in style. The moment the birthday cake is about to make its appearance is the moment the party ceases to be exclusively children-centred. Even the parents rejoice in the splendour.

Don’t we know it all too well! That’s why at Chipmunks we make certain the children will never forget the birthday cake. Contact us for additional details and personalization; we will ensure that your child gets a memorable birthday party and a cake to die for.

Kids parties planning made easy

Chipmunks makes kids parties planning easy peasy. No matter your preferences, the number of guests, dietary requirements, we will throw that special party for your child just the way you want it. And, more importantly, just the way your child wants it! Find your nearest Chipmunks venue and contact us for special deals. We do enjoy splendour, but we keep our prices reasonable.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

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