Kids Birthday Event Planner: Choose Chipmunks!

Already stressing out months ahead of your child’s birthday? You’re not the only one! All parents seem to be under the impression that time is short. In, fact, it isn’t. The key is in finding the best kids’ birthday event planner. No matter the party theme, venue, and menu, things can be arranged as to fit your schedule. You should enjoy the special day no less than your child. Leave the planning to a professional.

Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

Children event planning at a glance

Children event planning is a breeze to a skilled planner. If you wish to try your hand at doing it yourself, keep in mind that the plan should comprise several smaller tasks as to allow for timely adjustments. Although there are no general rules to the timeline, some activities logically precede others. Here are some first-hand recommendations.

    • Start with determining the number of invitees. Will the parents be included? This question is crucial for budget planning. In case of toddler birthdays, the parents are integral to the guest list. If your child is below 7, the whole class is usually invited. Over that age, the child probably already has a group of selected friends. If old enough, ask the child who they want to invite.
    • Once you know the exact number of attendants, it’s time to choose the venue. Would you prefer a kids’ birthday party venue, an indoor playground, or a combination of both? Don’t go with the flow; do what you think is the best.

Party venues are convenient for parents who’d rather someone else did the decorations, cleaning, and, in some cases, the menu. Most venues offer both fully-catered and self-catered packages. Chipmunks is one of the best loved birthday party venues of that kind. Menus are customizable per requests, and so are additional features.

    • Think up the party theme . At this point, you should involve your child more. Make sure they have their say; after all, it’s their special day we’re talking about. Party themes can revolve around any motive. Whether it is your child’s favourite book/movie character, a fictional universe, or Formula 1, everything can be arranged as to support the setting.

Party venues for children’s birthdays offer a range of themes of their own. They are also open to suggestions and do customized events. Hiring a venue may sometimes prove more affordable in terms on props and partyware, which heavily depend on the theme chosen.

    • Plan the party activities. This step, in particular, causes the headache to most parents. The best approach is to write down the ideas and narrow down the “finalists” later on. Need we reiterate that your child should have a say in this, too? If they love, i.e., dancing, make sure to include a dancing activity (or more than one). Party venues make sure to incorporate a range of children’s best loved activities in their program. For one thing, children’s birthdays are not all about games. There’s general ruckus to count in, as well as more sophisticated activities. For example, storytelling, and DIY activities remain among all-time favourites.Create a playlist. Music is one of the most important mood-setters of every party. In addition, you may also include some dancing activities in the program. More often than not, children love dancing. Even if there are some shy invitees, playing make-believe games will come no less natural for them than for other kids. Thus, if anything unexpected occurs along those lines, you can always suggest they play the invent-the -dance game. Keeping in mind the age of the children, you may add some rules (create three counts of movement, combine them, add one more, repeat the sequence, and so on). Party venues offer birthday packages that include a stereo system and a microphone. Depending on the age of the child, you can also turn their birthday party into a disco experience!
    • Plan the menu. There are three things to keep in mind here. First, the dishes should be simple. The food children love includes pizza, burgers, cupcakes, finger foods, and fruit. Second, you should decide whether you will opt for fully catered venue hire or self-catering. Third (first case): take a note on how many days in advance the food will keep good (fridge and freezer) or (second case): order the menu well in advance. Make sure to communicate the dietary preferences to the venue chef. Finally, there is the matter of the birthday cake. Eating the birthday cake is the single most important moment of every child’s birthday party. The cake must, therefore, be very special. It should correspond to the theme, be breath-taking and dramatic at the same time, and be served in style. Choosing the venue package with the cake is the best option, as the cake is: a) cheaper and b) corresponds to the theme.

Finally, make sure not to overdo it. Don’t order/prepare too much food, as children will only munch on the dishes while really paying attention only to fun activities. Most children’s parties are synonymous with leftovers. Make precise calculations in this regard. At Chipmunks, e.g., you may order additional servings if the need arises.

  • Design invitations. Nowadays, sending email invitations is common, but hand-written ones are no less appreciated (if indeed not more welcome). If you have enough time, design hand-made invitations with your child and send them out the old-fashioned way. DIY invitations should also correspond to the theme. The same goes for thank-you notes.

Kids’ birthday event planner: an afterthought

A kids’ birthday event planner is certain to simplify everything. That isn’t to say that you must, or indeed should, leave everything to them. Add your specifics, decorations, custom requests, and watch the magic unfold. Most importantly, add the “enjoy yourself” note to the planning list. It is your child’s special day; you should neither stress out nor interfere too much. Let the things develop on their own and get inspired by the overall merriment.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

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