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    10 Reasons To Come Play At Chipmunks Play Centre

    One of the best parts of being a parent is seeing the look of pure joy on your child’s face when they play; knowing that you created that joy makes that moment even more special. To keep that excitement coming back again and again, come to a Chipmunk’s play area near you.

    Chipmunks Play Centre and Café has locations all across Australia; no matter where you live, there is a Chipmunks close to you. To discover the best play area, visit them all and choose your favourite.

    Check the Chipmunks website for details on hours, holding a private event or to take a look at the extensive menu!

    There are hundreds of reasons Chipmunks playarea makes children smile. Here are just 10 of the most popular reasons to keep coming back to a Chipmunks playcentre:

    1. A Safe Playcentre For Kids

    One problem many similar playcentres have yet to solve that Chipmunks has managed to accomplish is a safe space for children of all ages to play in. Other play areas are either outdated, understaffed or not suitable for every age (see number 4).

    Every Chipmunks play area prides itself on having a specially trained team of staff that is always monitoring your children. Though it is important to also watch them play, you can feel more comfortable knowing they’re in good hands with staff as well.

    Lastly, every Chipmunks play centres is up-to-date on safety protocol and hold safety of each child to the highest priority; your children will always be in the best hands.

    2. An Adult Friendly Menu In The Play Centre

    Having a play centre menu for kids is a no brainer, but what about for their parents or guardians?

    At Chipmunks, the best part of bringing your kids to such a great play area is the benefits that parents love to. A menu that appeals to adults, whether you’re in the mood for comfort food or something healthy is what keeps adults coming back with their children again and again.

    Choose from options like healthy salads, wraps or bruschetta or enjoy classic comfort foods like melts, pizza and burgers. The adult menu is tailored to the parents of the lovely kids that play at Chipmunks and as such appeals to a more sophisticated palette than the play area’s kids options.

    3. PlayCentres In Convenient Locations

    Chipmunks many locations make them the most convenient playcentres around. Choose from a list of 23 locations across Australia in and near Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Syndey and North Queensland.

    One of the most celebrated reasons to visit a chipmunks play area is their convenience. There is nothing better than finding a great place to entertain your kids short from finding a great place that is also easy to get to. Why waste time finding and getting to a good play area when one is surely right around the corner?

    Browse all of Chipmunks convenient locations and stop by your closest playcentre for a visit as soon as possible!

    4. Designated Play Areas For All Ages

    At Chipmunks play areas, there is a space for all kids, as old as eleven years old, to play comfortably.

    Unique age zones are divided into
    A baby zone (for children ages 0 to 2 years old)
    A toddler zone (for kids 2 to five years old)
    A main zone (for kids five to eleven years old)
    There is no fear that your child will be playing too roughly with an older child or on equipment that is not age appropriate with an area in Chipmunks designed specifically for your child’s age. This is one of the most important parts of an enjoyable experience at a Chipmunks play centre.

    5. Private Venue Hire For Exclusive Play Centre Use

    Private venue hire at Chipmunks centres allows you to create an intimate, personalized party or event for your child and their guests. Book a private venue event and have exclusive use of the Chipmunks play area, sound system and party centre staff member to help you through a truly unique event.

    Every Chipmunks staff member wants to make your little ones birthday or other event memorable. We know that there are so many birthdays that are similar if not the same; why not throw a totally different kind of party at a Chipmunks play centre near you.

    Contact your closest centre for information on how to begin planning a play area private event.

    6. No Cleanup For You When You Host An Event At A Chipmunks Centre

    What could be better than hosting the perfect event for your child at an amazing playcentre designed with them in mind? Not having to clean up the area one the party is over! With Chipmunks, there is no cleanup of the party and play area required by you; let the team of staff dedicated to ensuring you and your child have the most enjoyable day take care of the details while you play with your child and their guests. The best part of a birthday or event is actually getting to spend it together, with as few interruptions as possible.

    7. Clean, Bright, Welcoming Centres

    Every Chipmunks play centre area is a clean, bright, open space for kids to play and adults to sit back and enjoy themselves while they keep an eye on their kids play.

    The colors and space in the playarea invite a positive, active attitude to play while the cleanliness of the area makes parents and guardians feel good about the health of their kids.

    It’s easy to make an area colorful and inviting but not always easy to make one that is designed so in a way that its not abrasive or overly stimulating to the senses. Chipmunks playcentres have accomplished that, seamlessly blending a fun environment and bold colors to something that comes off as exciting rather than overwhelming.

    Familiar guests have said:

    “Love Chipmunks [Play Centre]! It’s clean, bright and exciting for the kids.

    “I love how my kids have so much fun here and I can see them the whole time…”

    8. The Play Centre Serving Up Liquid Energy On-Site

    Chipmunks play area has more than just great food, with a full-service, barista brewed coffee and tea onsite too.

    Chipmunks playcentre knows just how exhausting keeping up with your little ones can be; it seems their appetite to play is never satisfied! Instead of getting burnt out trying to play along with them, take a break and grab a cup of coffee or tea for a little liquid energy.

    Chipmunks café area will whip you up a Grinders Premium Blend cappuccino, flat white or latte along with a short or long black coffee with a variety of add-ons (like that extra shot of espresso to play even longer). They offer tea for one or two , along with ‘baby chinos’ for the times you just need a subtle boost. Or enjoy an iced mocha, coffee or chocolate frappe. The possibilities for you at the coffee bar are almost endless.

    On the off-chance you want to take a risk giving your child a little liquid sugar energy, there are milk shakes, smoothies and hot chocolates that are perfect for kids as well. WARNING: this may cause excessive energy and even more of an urge to play!

    9. Unique Birthdays With Fun Themes And Unlimited Play

    Chipmunks hosts parties that can be totally personalized to the needs of your specific event; throw a party your child and all there friends will remember forever at a Chipmunks Play Area near you.

    Find and contact your nearest play centre to get a quote and start planning an event near you.

    Chipmunks’ birthday parties can be built around a handful of child-friendly themes; choose from:
    – Charlie the Chipmunk
    – Fairy Princess
    – Superhero
    – Jungle
    – Pirate

    Each birthday party package, regardless of the theme, includes:
    – Entry for up to 8 children
    – Use of party room for up to 1 hour
    – A Chipmunks Party meal and drink for each party guest
    – Chipmunks’ lollies for each guest
    – Official party pack with invitations, hats, blowers and plates (in theme, of course)
    – Reserved space in the café area for all guests, up to 1 hour prior to arrival
    – Your own Chipmunks party host to ensure a fun and relaxing party for everyone, including the parents of guests
    – A free return entry visit for the birthday child
    – And unlimited play in the Chipmunks play area on party day, all day

    Among the above listed things, you can choose to get a package that includes a number of other additional party items such as gift bags for each party guest, a visit from Chipmunks’ mascot Charlie the Chipmunk, catered food, an ice cream cake with candles, a party game and even a Chipmunks balloon for each party guest to take home.

    Individual pricing tends to vary depending on the specific location and each party can be totally customized; contact your nearest or favourite Chipmunks play centre for an unforgettable event.

    10. Last But Not Least, Host Any Event At A Chipmunks Play Centre

    Although birthdays at every Chipmunks play centre is particularly exciting, you don’t need to wait until an upcoming birthday to spend the day at Chipmunks.

    Whether you have a free afternoon that you want to spice up with unlimited space to play and entertain your child / children or you have an event you were put in charge of planning, spend it at Chipmunks. Chipmunks offers any family a low, general admission cost to play for the whole day.

    Events that have been hosted at Chipmunks in the past include sports team end-of-season celebrations, school club events, fundraisers and more.

    Any excuse to visit a Chipmunks is a good one; stop searching for a reason and spend your next free afternoon at the best playcentres in Australia.


    An Air-Conditioned Playcentre Means Your Kids Can Play Whenever You Want

    One of the best parts of living in Australia is the great weather. Having a rainy or gloomy day is simply not that common in the country known for sunshine, great surf and hot weather. However, this also means that sometimes the heat can get to be too much, especially for very young kids.

    Heat exhaustion, sunburn, heat or sun rash and excessive dehydration are all common ailments associated with outdoor play in the hot Australian sun. While sun cream and water can prevent these things, even the most diligent parents and guardians can misjudge the heat or the strength of the sun at times. It can be especially hard for adults with a higher tolerance to these things to gauge for their children.

    While nothing can replace the natural beauty of the Australian outdoors, sometimes playing inside can be the more safe and responsible decision for your kids. Visit a Chipmunks indoor, air-conditioned playcentre near you and let your kids play while you have the peace of mind they will not fall ill.

    Final Thoughts On The Best Playarea In Australia

    There is truly a reason for everyone to visit Chipmunks playarea. No matter the occasion or the age of your child (or children), contact your favourite Chipmunks to set up a completely unique event or to just plan an afternoon to play today.

    Let’s review; at Chipmunks you can expect:

    Convenient play centre hours and locations all across Australia. From Perth to Melbourne, Sydney to Brisbane, there is a Chipmunks for everyone; check online or call for the hours at your closest location
    Specific age zones keep your little ones safe and comfortable playing with other kids around their own age.
    Amazing staff ready to help you plan, execute and clean up the play area for you after your event or birthday party.</>
    A food menu that satisfies kids and adults. Choose from an extensive menu of healthy options or comfort foods that are suitable for parents and guardians and that kids love as well.
    A full-service café with coffee, tea and kid’s beverages.
    A clean, air-conditioned play centre that makes kids and adults smile while they play.

    All this and more is right around the corner, no matter where you’re located in Australia! Come visit a Chipmunks and rethink the way you throw a party or spend quality time with your child.

    Check out all of the locations and hours online and stop in to a Chipmunks Playarea today!

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