How To Plan A Kids Birthday Party With Ease And Joy.

How to plan a kid’s birthday party? Many parents find the task overwhelming, but in truth it doesn’t have to be.

If you think that gone are the times when a cake and simple canapés were all that was needed, think again. Children remain children no matter the decade. Balloons and bubble wands never get old; storytelling, scavenger hunts, and dancing are still best loved activities.

The only difference is the setting. Indoor playgrounds are the usual choice nowadays, due to them being affordable and hassle-free.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

How to plan a kid birthday party

That sounds nice and all, but how to plan a kid birthday party in actual practice? Where to start?
Defining a realistic budget comes first. Not worrying comes second. Your kid can have a superb birthday experience even on a low budget!

The next step would be choosing the setting. Some parents prefer throwing birthday parties at home; others opt for venue hires. The latter are convenient in more ways than one.

Firstly, indoor playgrounds for children provide sufficient space for all kinds of activities, and other people get to clean the mess up afterwards. (Cleaning appears to be the worst nightmare of busy parents.)

Secondly, children are under constant supervision.

Thirdly, parents can enjoy their own private time at the on-site café. Finally, such venues offer affordable deals, fully customizable on top of that. I.e., most packages allow for either the venue’s or self-catering. Specific dietary options can be arranged in case of the first.

If you are looking for an affordable venue, start with Chipmunks. They offer affordable deals and loyalty packages. Check their official website for nearest locations and contact them with your specifics for a customized offer.

Things to keep in mind when planning the party

Sadly, the very first postulate of planning children birthday parties is quite often lost in translation. No matter the place, never forget that the party should be about your child. It is their very special day, after all, so make sure to include them in the planning process.

Think up a party theme. This, also, should be done together with your child. Do they like pirates? Superheroes? Princesses? Whatever it is, make it the starting point of all associated activities.
It’s no brainer that children love dressing up, but busy parents usually don’t have enough time to make costumes and turn their house into a castle. Fortunately, party venues for children are affordable and offer a range of customizable party themes.

Chipmunks is one of them. Our themes deal with pirates, super heroes, fairy princesses, jungle adventures, and Charlie Chipmunks’ adventures. Pick your theme and customize the specifics. While you’re at it, also feel free to customize the menu. We offer fully catered parties as well as self-catered ones. Anything goes! However, our menu is not set in stone. If you have some dietary specifics, contact us to arrange a custom-made menu.

Speaking of the birthday party menu, it should be kept simple. Children love food that is easy to make; as a rule, it comprises pizza, burgers, finger foods, sandwiches, and similar. We keep the menu in line with the party theme.

The same goes for the party cake. Chipmunks is one of those children’s birthday party venues with an eye for detail.
For one thing, we know decorations are a must. Ideas being abundant, we will turn the venue into a perfect dreamland spot for our precious little guests.

Day of the party

All decorations having been placed, the birthday child and the parents being all dressed up, and all the food ready, it’s time to enjoy the big event. All parties customarily start with a meet-and-greet – Chipmunks’ favourite part. A good beginning to the party is crucial. The guests should feel special.

Don’t forget the music! Chipmunks offers birthday packages complete with a sound system and a microphone. Much like with adult parties, good music is an essential part of a child’s birthday. On top of that, many dancing activities may be implemented along the way (i.e., invent a dance or freeze dance).

As for the rest, leave it to Chipmunks’ professional staff and the children themselves! The little merrymakers will enjoy all kinds of activities prepared for them and many of their own making besides. We’ll make a grand entrance with the cake when the time comes. For a grand finale, we’ll give each child a complementary present to take home.

Thinking overmuch about how to plan a kid’s birthday party is a no go

As you can see, pondering over how to plan a kid’s birthday party is unnecessary. The preparations can get considerably easier if you opt for professional organizers. No matter your choice of theme, make sure to keep your child actively participating in the planning. That will get them in the right mood right off the bat! Leave the rest to us – Chipmunks specializes in exceeding expectations!
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

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