Have a Valentine’s Day That Really Matters!!

Whether you love it or hate it, valentine’s day is just one of those days you cannot ignore.

Cities literally get painted red, you’ll find heart-shaped candy and balloons in every nook and corner.  Red Roses that seem useless the whole year round, suddenly become super popular! It’s crazy how the demand for a babysitter skyrockets for this one day! What happened to the actual sentiment of love?

If you feel this way, why not have a different kind of Valentine’s day this year? Skip the expensive meals and crowded restaurants and have a Valentine’s that really matters!

We’ve come up with some fantastic ways to show you really care this season. Hope you enjoy our list!

Be grateful and thankful! What better way to start Valentine’s day than to be grateful and thankful for what we have. Start the day with tight hugs and kisses! Ask your kids to tell mommy and daddy what makes them happy! Shower your family with affection. Be silly, play some silly tunes have a private boogie. It’s a special occasion to show you care!

Have a nice meal: Get the kids to help you cook! Have fun in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to get messy. Sharing a yummy meal made with love, with the ones you love is Valentines essence.

Don’t be afraid to be cheesy, make heart-shaped pancakes and red-velvet cupcakes. Decorate your house with red balloons. If cupid does visit you, he would be mind blown!

Tell your kids how you met : Whether you met online or at a bar, tell your kids the true story about how did your SO swept you off your feet. Your kids will squirm and be grossed out, but hey! Kids love hearing their parents say nice things about each other!

Watch a cheesy ROMCOM: In honour of Cupid and his arrow please do watch a cheesy romantic movie on Valentine’s day! You have a variety of options to choose from, from the classics to animated movies or if your family has a cheesy favourite movie go on ahead and re-watch it! Grab some popcorn and some cosy blankies and get comfy in front of your screen! But before you start the movie, here’s a suggestion : keep tissues handy in case of emotional waterworks!

Say i love you: Acknowledge your little ones and your loving significant other (SO) this season! Make this day special by saying “I love you” without expecting anything in return. There are so many ways to say “I love you” literally and through actions as well! After all, love is the greatest gift of all!

Have a game night: Get the dice rolling and move 4 steps to the left with this awesome idea! Have a fun night with board games and puzzles. From Monopoly to Risk, you can pick your level of action and let the good times roll! Beware though: You could see a competitive streak that you didn’t know existed!

(And FYI, don’t be a dirty cheater!)

Enjoy a fun day out at chipmunks: Honestly! it’s such a busy day for restaurants on Valentine’s day, and everyone will be doing the same old movie and dinner routine (yawn). You can be different and smart by having a special day at Chipmunks. Have a delicious meal in our Cafe and let your kids go crazy in our playground, pretty sure they will be exhausted by the time you get home, which means they will be sound asleep and you can have a quiet one with your Significant other


“What better way to express LOVE to your family than having a super-fun bonding time at Chipmunks!”

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