Christmas Hacks for Kids – 11 Tips to Keep Kids Entertained Through The Holidays

Are you looking for activities to keep the kids busy and entertained during the Christmas school holidays? The festive season can be a busy time for everyone but it’s also a great one for doing activities as a family and spending time together. We have come up with 11 ideas to keep kids entertained plus a few healthy recipes which kids can get involved in making.

1. Make Your Teacher A Gift

Thanking teachers for all their hard work throughout the year shouldn’t be overlooked. The job they do is an integral part of shaping your child’s future. Getting children to make a gift for their teachers will show their gratitude and a fun activity to keep them busy. Spend a weekend before the term breaks up baking cookies and packaging them in cellophane and christmas ribbon. Any of these ideas would make great gifts.

2. Reindeer Food For You 

Some for me some for you! Make food even more fun by telling kids that magic reindeers eat carrots too. Cut them into sticks for kids to eat and some to leave out for Santa’s reindeer too. 

3. Festive Ice Treat

Christmas can be the season of overindulgence at times but finding ways to cut back on sugar may just be your saving grace when it comes to late nights and over-excited children! Add fresh cranberries or orange segments into ice cube trays before freezing and add to create delicious flavoured water and a refreshing drink during hot summer days. A much better alternative to fizzy drinks, juice or artificial powdered drinks.

4. Xmas Crudite Platter

Get kids involved with the Christmas table spread by making a healthy snack and nibbles platter from vegetable crudite. Create a Christmas tree design with raw vegetables and hummus dips like this

5. Snowman Bliss Balls

A sweet treat and a great gift idea. There’s no need for appliances, just mix and roll a few ingredients together, decorate and package up to give as a gift. These would look great in the middle of any Christmas table if they last that long!

6. Santa Letter

Writing, decorate and posting a letter to Santa is one of the most favoured traditions among children and a fun activity to do together. Kids imaginations can run wild when writing their letters but that’s the fun of it. Let them get creative with glitter, coloured pens, paper and stickers. Don’t forget to let Santa know if you’re family won’t be home on Christmas morning so that he can find you! 

7. Xmas Lights Adventure Night

Plan a family event to see the Christmas lights in your neighbourhood. You could make it a special night by cooking an early dinner, sipping hot chocolates and jumping into the car in your pyjamas to see the neighbourhood Christmas lights. These are memories that will stay with children forever. 

8. Spiced Nuts 

There’s nothing like the smell of Christmas. A delicious and healthy treat is toasted mixed nuts with Christmas spices. Sweet cinnamon scents passing through the house will get everyone in the festive mood. Here is a great healthy recipe to create which kids will love! 

9. Make Your Own Holiday Cards

There’s no need to spend money on commercial Christmas cards. Friends and family will greatly appreciate a thoughtful Christmas card created by kids and it makes a fun holiday activity. Gather colourful paper, leftover wrapping paper, glitter, pens and any other festive decorations and let the kids go wild making special cards for family and their friends. 

10. Christmas Carols Around The Tree

Another way to get the whole family involved. Make some hot chocolate for kids and a pot of mould wine for adults then crank up the Christmas music and decorating the tree. There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas and the past year than your family dancing around the Christmas tree! 

11. Family Christmas Performance 

Entertain your guests on Christmas day by putting on a performance. Once school ends for the year there are a few days to fill so a fun activity for kids to come up with a concert which they can perform in front of guests at Christmas will keep them busy. Get them to design a stage, make decorations and even their own costumes or keep it simple for the young ones with a Christmas themed choreographed dance. 

Charlie and the team at Chipmunks Playland & Cafe would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday! Thank you for your continued support.

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