Children Party Themes: Superhero, Princess And More.

When it comes to children’s party themes, there is such a wide array of choices that sometimes even your child will find it difficult to pinpoint their favourite. That shouldn’t worry you, though. There is always a special super hero or a book character that stands out. It holds true for all children, so throwing a themed birthday party is certain to be a success.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

Themes for kid birthday parties

As a matter of fact, themes for kid birthday parties have not changed that much from when you were a child. Many parents think otherwise, but rest assured that the phrase “times have changed” was uttered by your own parents when you were little. Admittedly, low-key birthday parties are not the standard anymore, but the games children love playing remain the same.

The simple truth is – children remain children no matter the era and continent. That should be the encouraging thought to guide you. Another one is that you don’t need to plan a party to cost you an arm and a leg. Nowadays, hiring a birthday venue is the usual practice. These are usually more convenient and less costly than at-home party preparations. Last but not least, they eliminate the painful planning process.

At Chipmunks, for example, there is a range of party themes to choose from (princess, jungle, Charlie Chipmunks, super hero, etc.). Both self-catering and full service are an option, and dedicated age zones ensure maximum safety without thwarting the fun. Birthday parties should be loud and merry and children should be little no matter what.

Simple kids’ birthday party

Simplicity is at the heart of it all. A simple kids’ birthday party can be thrown on a low budget at an affordable party venue. The key is in good planning and – creativity. Children don’t really need a four-course à la carte menu and three jugglers to entertain them. They have their imagination and love plain dishes: pizza, burgers, fruit salads, and similar.

When planning the party, make sure to first come up with a sustainable budget. An average birthday party lasts for at least two hours (sometimes up to three, and rarely longer). When hiring a venue, factor in drinks and snacks for parents.

When it comes to children’s party themes, though, they can be easily arranged as to fit your budget. E.g., a stuffed animal party just might be among the perfect birthday party themes for toddlers. When sending out the invitations, make the parents know that they should bring their child’s favourite stuffed animal. The children may enjoy the usual activities, such as storytelling, copy dancing, and playing hide-and-seek. You may request jelly babies and gummy bears be added to the menu, as to fit the theme, and still stay way below your budget’s limit.

Chipmunks offers catering and self-catering packages. Our menu is customizable; we respect all dietary- and theme-specific requirements. Contact your nearest Chipmunks to arrange a memorable birthday party for your child just the way you want it.

As for themes for 3 year old birthday party, they may involve cooking, planting, and playing. On top of being entertaining, these also have an educational value. At Chipmunks, we arrange suitable activities for children all age. Constant supervision goes without saying. Safety comes first! I.e., our pirate and fairy princess party are suitable for toddlers. They involve adventuring in a safe way, storytelling, and merrymaking galore.

What about bigger children? Contrary to popular belief, the choices actually get broader the older the child is. For one thing, children ten years and up love playing detectives. Merely this allows for devising a range of party themes . The first one that comes to mind is- scavenger hunt. A treasure hunt is always a good idea, as it will both allow the children to develop their creativity and keep them happily playing truants. Anything can act as the reward – books, patterns, all kinds of objects, toys… At Chipmunks, we encourage adventures great and small; treasure hunts are common occurrence!

All prejudices aside, certain themes are more enjoyed by boys and certain – by girls. No matter your choice of birthday theme, you should start the planning by arranging the theme with your child.

The ideas for boys’ party themes include a whole palette of super heroes, pirates, armies, bugs, bikes, motorbikes, cars, dinosaurs, fire fighters, safaris, soccer, and so on. At Chipmunks, we host pirate and super hero parties that boys love.

The ideas for girls’ party themes include craft making (cooking, drawing, sculpting, mask and pattern making, etc.), dancing (freeze dance, invent a dance, etc.), fairies, princesses, and gardening. At Chipmunks, we host princess and Charlie theme parties that girls adore.

Universally loved children’s party themes incorporate classic activities (storytelling, finish the story, DIY activities), which combine well with playing video games, watching movies, and other everyday activities. If you are throwing a party at home, simple snacks and a video game console might be enough. Any kind of merry environment is sufficient to get the children creative. One of the best loved party themes at Chipmunks is the jungle theme. Both boys and girls love impersonating Indiana Jones and other adventurers; with matching partyware and decorations, children feel it only natural to let out their creativity.

You get the idea. Affordable children’s parties are not difficult to come up with. Use your imagination, involve your child (the most important mood setter!), and plan ahead. Making a to-do list divided in small tasks will eliminate the stress and cover for any unpredictable situations. Contact the party venue in advance to arrange everything. That way, you will get to enjoy the anticipation together with your child.

Children’s party themes at indoor playgrounds

Children birthday party venues offer a number of pre-arranged children’s party themes and provide the partyware. Customarily they offer catering or self-catering, so there is a room for adjusting the expenses to fit your budget. Whichever the venue, remember that it is the children that make the event special. Listen to your child’s wishes and go from there.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

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