Children Party Ideas: Visit An Indoor Playground!

Children’s party ideas may not be difficult to come up with, but that doesn’t make the planning part any easier.

We don’t mean expenses exclusively (albeit they play a crucial role, too); there are simply too many things to consider, especially if the child is younger. Among the better (and cheaper!) ideas is leaving everything to a specialized venue. Chipmunks is one of them, and we throw memorable parties both children and parents find hard to forget.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks!

Why home party plan ideas might not be the best of ideas

If you are thinking of celebrating your child’s party at home, keep in mind that a good deal of planning and notorious cleaning is to be involved. Party plan ideas may start with determining the budget, but the matter of preparations is another matter entirely. Namely, birthday parties are no different than business meetings, at least not when it comes to food and drinks.

At Chipmunks, we believe in special menus. Small platters, bite-size pieces, creative dishes… Not too creative, mind you, since as far as children are concerned they like to keep their menu simple.

But let us start from the beginning. No matter how creative you may be, it is still your child who should be in the spotlight. Listening to your little one’s desires, therefore, should be the starting point of all planning. Ultimately, you will wish to create an atmosphere that’s fun for everyone, but especially for your child.

The usual way to go about it is having a themed party. When it comes to children’s party themes, options are truly limitless. The choice depends on the child’s preferences as well on the budget. The latter is not necessarily problematic in terms of party themes. After all, children are creative beings, capable of having fun with no more than coloured pencils and some glitter paper.

Once your child has up and told you about their wishes and expectations, make sure to include them in the planning process. Don’t bypass this step! Children love to be in charge and will enjoy a variety of activities along the way.
Children’s birthday parties are, as a rule, a mess of screaming and merrymaking. That is, if you decide to throw a party at home. Party venues are a handy solution, especially since parents get to enjoy themselves, too.
I.e., at Chipmunks, parents get to enjoy themselves at our on-site cafe, while the children are left to the supervision of our professional staff. Safety comes first!

Ideas for a 3 year old boy birthday party

Outings are fun, to be sure, but what if children are too small to enjoy such activities? What about, say, ideas for a 3 year old boy birthday party? Smaller children enjoy various activities, but their birthday parties are, as a rule, more complicated to prepare. For one thing, toddlers are accompanies by their parents.

Fortunately, many children playgrounds organize toddler birthday parties, with playgrounds featuring soft shapes, mats, and interactive play panels, among other amenities. More importantly, the professional staff supervising the party make sure everything runs smoothly. They ensure safety without interrupting the fun.
At Chipmunks, there are three dedicated zones, as follows:

    • Baby Zone

Intended for children up to 2 years. The zone features soft shapes and mats, interactive play panels, rockers, a ball pool, and building blocks.

    • Toddler Zone

Intended for children under 5 years. The zone features soft shapes and mats, interactive play panels, a tunnel, a fixed slide, revolving chairs, a soft piano, a ball pit, and a climbing structure.

    • Main Zone

Intended for children 5 to 11 years. The zone features soft play obstacles, cannons, ramps, a fixed slide, a ball pit, and a bridge.

Children’s party ideas are versatile; party themes are a source of endless merriment, with all the guests enjoying their role play. Look up the themes offered at Chipmunks and contact us with your customized requests.

The recipe to memorable kids’ birthday parties

Firstly, there are invitations to send out. Let your child get creative with them, but make sure to include the start and the end time for the party, the location, whether there are any activities that might require a change of clothes, and whether parents are also invited to stay.

For fun’s sake, invitations should be coordinated with the party theme.
Then, there is the menu to consider. Food should be kept simple, as already mentioned. Feel free to go creative with decorations, but don’t expect the children to appreciate a made-to-order sushi menu or other delicacies. In this matter also, you should ask your child what they would prefer. As a matter of fact, things children like are usually fairly simple to make: pizza, finger foods, bite size fruit, burgers, and similar. At Chipmunks, we have two solutions: parties with catering and parties with self-catering. Before you decide on making the menu on your own, however, keep this in mind: we cater to all dietary needs. Contact your nearest Chipmunks with your specifics.

When it comes to children’s parties, it’s all about proper scheduling. A list of activities for the party also should be drafted in advance. I.e., you should plan two to three hours for pure play (it’s safe to go with your child’s favourites) and for creative activities. The examples of first may be a balloon fight match and a game of tag, and for the second – storytelling or drawing portraits. You will also need to factor in the timing for snacks and various entertaining activities.

A piece of advice: don’t let yourself be overwhelmed with the planning. Break the process down into smaller ventures. Book a birthday party venue and leave all the specifics to professional planners. Your input is more than welcome, but leave the organization to us. We want you to enjoy a stress-free party, too! Chipmunks has an on-site café where parents can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks while the children are engaged in their own adventure.

Children’s party ideas at a glance

Children’s party ideas can be narrowed down to the following steps: listening to your child’s wishes, deciding on the venue, making invitations (and sending them out), and making a list of smaller tasks leading up to the day of the party. The process should be enjoyable, not stressful. Simply make sure to contact the party venue in advance.
Let your child be little at Chipmunks.

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