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5 tips for managing screen time

5 Top Tips To Manage Screen Time

How do you feel when someone brings up the topic of screen time? Do you automatically squirm? Is it fear of judgement or a feeling of guilt? There are just some parenting topics which you automatically wish you weren’t part of. The subject of screen time is one which floats

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a stress free party at Chipmunks

Mum Blog: Forget Birthday Party Burnout

That kids birthday party burnout, year after year. No matter how far in advance I plan for the big day it seems to creep up on me – along with it comes anxiety, stress and the numerous swipes of my credit card it could almost be considered a workout. (Get

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recipe kids energy balls

Recipe: Christmas Snowman Energy Balls

Not just a healthier treat for kids (and adults) but a fun activity to do together. Packaged in a small box with ribbon would also make a lovely Christmas gift for friends, family or teachers. Snowballs 1.5 cups unsweetened shredded coconut plus a little extra for rolling 1/2 cup almond

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Questions to ask kids

18 Questions to Ask Kids at the Dinner table

Ask a child “How was your day?” and get the reply “good, fine, ok thanks”? Such a question doesn’t do much for kids. They say a simple question gets a simple answer. ‘They’ were probably mums. Family schedules are busier than ever; jam-packed with work, after school activities, homework and

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How to Encourage Kids to Be More Active

In an age where tv, computers, tablets and mobile phones are becoming the norm for entertainment it is easy to see why children are becoming more inactive day to day and why as parents we need to keep on top of it by encouraging sports and activities away from the

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school holidays

School Holiday Boredom Busters

School Holiday Boredom Busters It’s week 1 of the school holidays, yet somehow it feels like week 100. Sibling fights have reached new lows, parental bribery is at 500% of normal term-time levels and “I’m bored” is the soundtrack of the holidays. So how can you turn the cycle of

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children party theme

Children Party Themes: Superhero, Princess And More.

When it comes to children’s party themes, there is such a wide array of choices that sometimes even your child will find it difficult to pinpoint their favourite. That shouldn’t worry you, though. There is always a special super hero or a book character that stands out. It holds true

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kids birthday party

How To Plan A Kids Birthday Party With Ease And Joy.

How to plan a kid’s birthday party? Many parents find the task overwhelming, but in truth it doesn’t have to be. If you think that gone are the times when a cake and simple canapés were all that was needed, think again. Children remain children no matter the decade. Balloons

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