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kids don't like school

Things Kids Don’t Like About School!

Do you ever catch yourself reminiscing about the good old days of being a kid in school, and wonder how times change so fast? There were no responsibilities and worries. School may not have been perfect but there is no doubt that those days were simpler 🙂 With technology and

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private venue hire

Private Party Please!

It’s important to have all your near and dear ones come together and celebrate the little joys in life. Celebrating tiny milestones that your kids achieve in life contributes towards building confidence in them. And what better way to show you care about your kid’s triumphs than having a private

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valentines day for kids

Have a Valentine’s Day That Really Matters!!

Whether you love it or hate it, valentine’s day is just one of those days you cannot ignore. Cities literally get painted red, you’ll find heart-shaped candy and balloons in every nook and corner.  Red Roses that seem useless the whole year round, suddenly become super popular! It’s crazy how

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learning through play

Learning And Developing Through Play!

Safety is not a term we use lightly and fun is one we use loudly! News flash! There’s no two little rugrats that are the same, yep that’s right. Your little miss or sir is nothing like the so and so she sits next to at mat time. Behaviourally, mentally,

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indoor playground experience

Chipmunks Celebrates 20 years!

A milestone worth shouting about! This month Chipmunks Playland & Café celebrates 20 years of family fun! Always looking for new ideas, Chipmunks was born after founders Lance and Kerri Spence paid a visit to an Auckland-based indoor playground with their then, young son. “We loved the concept, and decided to open our own unique indoor playground

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indoor playground for kids WA weekended visits us

WA Weekender Explains Why You Should Visit Chipmunks!

WA Weekender recently paid a visit to a local Chipmunks. Click play to watch WA Weekender segment now See the interactive playground, mega inflatable slide, ball battle area, and three lane wave slide in action, and find why the WA Weekender thinks Chipmunks is a great place to take your kids these school holidays!

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