Birthday Parties Are Terrifying, And We’ll Tell You Why!

Simple, stress free and affordable?!

Not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a kids birthday party. Not these days anyway. Kids are daydreaming about the upcoming event months before and planning their endless wish list of gifts, guests and games.

Gone are the days of organising a simple get-together for your kids birthday. We’re not going to lie. It’s easy to go (OTT) when organising a kids birthday! All that glitter, colour and character themed party ware if the credit card didn’t say stop you’d hope someone else was there, too.

Have you heard some parents have created gift registries? If we’re honest this might not be a silly idea. No double up presents, no wasted gifts that don’t make it past the party room door and get mixed up with the black bag of rubbish that makes its way round the party table vacuuming up half finished jelly and fairy bread.

We understand that planning a birthday party for your precious offspring can be stressful, tiring and consume you to the point where family dinner becomes peanut butter toast because you don’t have much time for anything else while buried deep in Space printed napkins and sparkling swizzle sticks.

Enough of the downsides though! We make planning a birthday party stress free and actually enjoyable, so your not burnt out and can actually enjoy the celebration. We’re not joking. The whole party is taken care of by us.

How? You wonder?

We’ve been organising kids birthday parties for over 25 years! We would say we’re pretty good at it too. From kids aged 0 through 11 years, we host children’s parties like no other and year after year kids return to celebrate with us at the Chipmunks kids indoor playground.

We are very proud to say that we have helped make thousands of Birthday Party ideas come to life! We’ve been a part of thousands of birthday celebrations from all around the world. And every time we celebrate with you, we learn from you! We learn how to improve and be better. Just like your kids, we have grown in understanding what kids really like and most importantly how can we make your life easy as a parent, because parenting is tough! We follow the fads, the tv characters, the what’s cool with kids today to deliver events which stand out and make for great memories and photos.

Book a party

When you book a party at Chipmunks kids indoor playground you’re making memories for your children and their guests which will stick with them forever. Not only are we giving you as parents extra time to spend with your children because there’s no party planning stresses but we have party package options suitable for all budgets, needs and planning requirements. From invites to goody bags our parties are truly hassle free!

We take care of the set up, cleaning, and entertainment. Depending on your needs our stores can cater your event for kids and adults with delicious fresh meal options, drinks, cake and extra treats. It’s a party after all! What’s left for you to do? Sit back, relax and enjoy watching your child getting another year older, richer in experiences and having fun with their friends.

Join our family today by booking a Birthday Party or a Private Venue Hire with us, and we’ll take care of you and your loved ones!

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