7 Reasons Why You Should Join a Mummy Group

Being a new mum can bring on a whole world of emotions you’ve probably not felt before. You’ll feel alone, scared and probably like no-one around understands what you’re going through. Familiar as it may sound, we’re not talking about a case of man flu.

It may be daunting, you may feel shy but joining a mum group may be the key to your sanity through times when all you feel like doing is plugging in your headphones, listening to cringe-worthy music whilst hiding in the bathroom, and trust me there will be times!! Whether you believe me now or not.

These are a few points as to why joining a mummy group is beneficial to anyone, at any stage in this newfound “mum” position.


Other mums understand. It might not be the first meeting but eventually, you’ll let your guard down and the sooner the better. Be yourself, everyone is in the same position. So a hair out of place or milk stained shirt will be a welcome ice breaker that you’re human. This group will become your new network, a safe haven for emotions to laugh or even cry at the delights and challenges of motherhood.


Baby not sleeping?? Eating?? Or are you finally searching for a kid-friendly getaway! When, before you joined the group you’d be finding time to speed read a volume from “What to Expect…” chances are more than one Mumma in the group has done the extensive research for you. Online reviews are one thing but with the uncertainty of kickbacks, you’re at a safer bet to getting honest feedback from your new-found friends.


No one ever complained of having too many friends…Don’t get me wrong your younger, childless friends will often be a welcome break to baby talk. But these mums will get to know you on another level and likewise. There’ll be mums just like you, from the same walks of life and others who you could learn from.


We all need to let it all out at some point. Rug rat in tow or not. Your group whether by virtual communication or your regular meetups will become your verbal punching bag to let loose on your emotions. They may not have any advice but they’ll listen and they get it and there’s a high chance they’ve been there.

Get ‘some me time’

Everyone needs a little alone time, to themselves, to take a breather and having those extra hands who are somewhat versed in parenthood may mean you can get a little break. Organise babysitting swaps with your new-found group of yummy mummies. It might only be a 30-minute walk around the block but that fresh air may be a welcome breather to re-centre yourself.

Once your tot becomes an exuberant toddler, two may be easier than one and playdates might allow you some downtime whilst the kids occupy each other. Set them up with a movie, a few snacks and you’ll be hands-free for a couple of minutes.

Become a better mum

  • You were pregnant, you planned exactly how you’d be when your little munchkin arrived.
  • You wouldn’t let your social life diminish.
  • You’d be the hip mum and wouldn’t wear activewear 3 days in a row.

And then it arrives and all that stuff makes its merry way out the door! Everyone in your group will have had their ideals but eventually, you’ll learn that all kids are different and everyone’s parenting ways vary, that once you start talking to others you’ll learn to let go and to be less hard on yourself. Relaxing your views on parenting, to go more with the flow will see you become happier and more at peace that you’re actually doing a damn good job.

Learn something

At some point everyone was in your shoes, motherhood isn’t easy and everyone has their common struggles. Take something from those who’ve done it before or walked in the same uncertain shoes. Exchange stories of sleep regressions, teething and reflux. All to find out, yep this is what it’s like and it’s all pretty much normal.

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